About Us

When we first met neither of us would have predicted that 11 years later we’d be living in a small coastal town south of Cape Town. We also wouldn’t have predicted that we’d be spending much of our time traveling around Southern Africa photographing the most beautiful hotels, lodges and architectural projects that the region has to offer. We didn’t know that the degrees that we were studying for, photojournalism and zoology respectively, would dovetail as well as they have. But dovetail they did and after a number of years of wild adventure we found ourselves tucked away in a luxury lodge in a remote corner of Botswana photographing and researching wildlife. It was however the unexpected request to photograph the lodge itself that most shaped our future and set us on the path to becoming a hotel photography team.

Today we draw on our joint experience and individual strengths to provide a photographic service that couples creativity with professionalism. On shoots we each have a distinct and dedicated role, photographer and stylist. Architectural photography of this nature presents unique challenges, challenges that we overcome with advanced techniques, years of experience and top of the range equipment. The importance of styling and staging a space is under appreciated by most but we believe that it is as essential an aspect to the outcome as the photography itself so we have intentionally developed an eye for detail that is second to none.

We like to think that we work with our clients rather than for them because at the end of the day we want the same thing, to create photographs that show off a property in the best possible light, draw attention to the elements of design, architecture and decor that give it its identity and incite the perception of discerning value.

If you'd like to speak to us about our architectural, interiors, hotel or lodge photography you can contact us here